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By Alice M. Batzel

ROLL CALL: Do you think it’s OK to take something left at the curb on trash collection day? When it's leaning against an overstuffed trash can? Have you ever.....

MY EXPERIENCE: One of my very best "finds" was on trash collection day in our neighborhood.

I REMEMBER THE DAY WELL, WITH FONDNESS...I was driving my elementary-school-aged sons somewhere when all of a sudden something on someone's curb, leaning against their overstuffed trash can, caught my eye. I backed the car up, opened up the hatch of the station wagon, and pitched the item in the car, and drove on my merry way. My boys were shocked at my behavior. I told them that if it was set out for the trash collectors, anyone was welcomed to it if they had a use for it. Still, my boys were a bit embarrassed and surprised. Later that day, I thought I should call that home and make an inquiry. After all, it was a very nice set of golf clubs. I guessed it 'might' be possible that the owner put them down for just a moment while he ran back into the house for something and then dashed back to the curb to wait for his ride, but discovered that in that brief moment someone had stolen his golf clubs. When I called the home, the wife laughed and said she was glad that I took them. They had belonged to her husband and their sons, and no one had a use for them anymore. She was happy to be rid of those golf clubs finally, and for my young sons to have them. I had not even realized they were for a left-handed golfer at the time. GREAT FIND ON TRASH COLLECTION DAY! My sons are now in their 40's and have children of their own. Both of my sons are avid golfers, and they still reminisce about the day that Mom made it possible for them to learn how to play golf… especially my oldest son who just so happens to be a left-handed sportsman!

(copyright 2017 - Alice M. Batzel - all rights reserved)

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