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By Alice M. Batzel

When I was a teenager, and it was just too hot to do anything else, my sister and I would grab a towel and pedal our bicycle-built-for-two across town and over the bridge to the Cinco Bayou for a swim. When we got our driver's license, we would use the family car and head to the ocean for a fun time swimming and tanning at the beach. I loved living so close to the bay and, in particular, the sea in those days.

Today is another one of those hot summer days...and I'm thinking of my sister. We've gotten older, raised families, have grandchildren, and time has changed a few things. I now live 2,000 miles from that beach and have a skin allergy to the sun... though my memory often revisits that sunny sandy shore. My sister still lives by the ocean, and even though her surfing days are over, she often enjoys perching on the pier and watching the surfers through her binoculars. We know this to be true... THE BEACH NEVER LEAVES THE HEART OF THE GIRL.

(copyright 2017 - Alice M. Batzel - all rights reserved)

(Note: Art Image from Facebook page of Ocean Front Beach Party)

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