Alice M. Batzel
Published Playwright, Journalist, Freelance Writer 

               Alice M. Batzel  

        Published  Playwright, Journalist

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          by Alice M. Batzel   

Long gone are my youthful days,

As the mirror so often shows me.

But joy and new strength I find,

Through the gift of memory.

For it brings alive the childhood I cherished so,

As I lived by the side of the sea.



Magically I am a child once more,

Transformed as my memory reaches far

Through time and all my senses.

The past becomes the present and, once again,

I stand tall and walk strong and care free.



I hear the seagulls sing as they fly overhead,

The waves gently kiss the sandy beach,

Smiling dolphins chirp and chat as they call out to one another.

The sand searches between each toe of my feet,

As I skip and jump with my face pointing toward the sky.



Along the water’s edge I spy a beautiful ocean treasure,

A lone sand dollar and a seashell or two,

Beckoning me to bend and gently lift them for a cherished closer look.

A newly hatched baby sea turtle slowly scampers toward the water,

And a quick-stepping miniature crab hides under its shell home,

As if to escape my notice.



I wade into shallow waters of aqua and emerald green,

Soft currents gently swirl around my feet,

Tiny colorful fish tickle my ankles and make me laugh.

The rhythmic waves invite me to come out farther;

 I dive beneath the growing swells,

Then victoriously ride the white foam back to shore.



A gentle breeze slides across the water and over my skin,

As it dries the spray of salty ocean newly bathed upon me.

White sand glistens like diamonds scattered all about,

Sea oats rhythmically sway back and forth upon the dunes,

In response to a thrilling warm rush of wind inviting them to dance.



A greeting so grand as ever could be,

A more magical place there surely never was nor ever will be.

All cares and troubles which I might have,

Disappear from sight, sound, and every sense,

As my memory revisits my cherished youth,

As I lived by the side of the sea.



*copyright (February 2014, and revision May 2016) Alice M. Batzel