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by Alice M. Batzel 

Long gone are my youthful days,

the mirror so often shows me.

But joy and new strength I find,

through the gift of memory, 

which brings alive my childhood,

when I lived by the side of the sea.

Now in my silver years,

my walk upon the beach

is not an easy stroll.

With stooped shoulders,

I carefully place my footprints.

It was not always so; I smile as I recall.

Once again, I stand tall, walk sprightly and strong.

Seagulls hover in flight and sing a welcome to me.

Rhythmic waves gently lap the sandy shore.

Smiling dolphins chatter in a call to one another.

Warm sand searches between my toes.

I skip and jump with my face pointing skyward.

Along the water's edge, I spy ocean treasures:

a furry sand dollar and a seashell or two beckon me

to lift them for a closer look.

A newly hatched sea turtle scampers toward the ocean,

and a quick-stepping miniature crab hides under its shell

as if to escape my peering curiosity.

I wade into shallow waters of aqua and emerald green.

Soft currents swirl around my feet

and tiny colorful fish tickle my ankles.

Deep blue waves invite me to come out farther,

and in response, I dive beneath their growing swells,

then victoriously ride the white foam back to shore.

A breeze slides across the water and over my skin,

drying the spray of salty ocean newly bathed upon me.

White sand scattered all about glistens like diamonds.

Sea oats reaching upward from the dunes

sway back and forth

in response to a rush of wind

inviting them to dance.

A greeting so grand as ever could be,

a more magical place there surely never was,

nor ever will be.

All cares and troubles which I might have

disappear from every sense

as I revisit my childhood

when I lived by the side of the sea.

* * * * * * * * * *

(copyright 2019 - all rights reserved by author)

* * * * * * * * * *

Published 2019, Willow Park Press


A Collection of Poetry & Prose from Utah's Northern Edge

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