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By Alice M. Batzel

My family has a history at the roller skating rink. According to my mother's written record of her life's story, she and her brother, Bob, often spent time at the roller skating rink near their home in Louisville, Kentucky, and were partners in the couple's skating dances. They frequently were awarded as "the most graceful couple." Additionally, she often won the "most graceful girl" award, and Bob would win the similar award for the young men. Mother recalls that on one such evening some young men were getting too fresh with her and she didn't welcome their behavior and wanted to escape them. Retreating to the snack bar area, she jumped into a booth that was occupied by a young man with whom she was not acquainted. She asked him if he would please act as though he knew her because she was trying to escape the advances of some overly fresh-acting young men. He agreed, and they spent some time talking, making their acquaintance, and the other interested young men eventually looked elsewhere. My mother's strategy worked. It worked so well that she and her new friend often skated together after that. Thanks, Dad, for being the man in the booth that night, and for rescuing Mom!

(copyright 2017 - Alice M. Batzel - all rights reserved)

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