Alice M. Batzel
Published Playwright, Journalist, Freelance Writer 

               Alice M. Batzel  

        Published  Playwright, Journalist

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By Alice M. Batzel

Note:  This is a listing of and copyright dates for the original poems/prose by the Author.

To access individual poems:  You will need to click on the corresponding poem's title found on the top tool bar under the page titled "Poetry - Full listing."

WHAT IS POETRY   (copyright 1/19/2017)

SEASIDE    (copyright 2/2014, Rev. 5/2016)

SPRING WHISPERS   (copyright 3/2014)

RECEIVING  AUTUMN  (copyright 11/5/2018)

AUTUMN    (copyright 2013)

FIRST WINTER DAYS    (copyright 2012)

THE AWAKENING    (copyright 2016)

BIRDS OUTSIDE MY WINDOW   (copyright 4/2/2018)