Alice M. Batzel 
Published Author, Playwright,

 Journalist,  Poet,  Freelance Writer




By Alice M. Batzel

Note:  This is a listing of and copyright dates for the original poems/prose by the Author.

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SEASIDE  DREAMER  (copyright 8/2019)

SPRING  WHISPERS   (copyright 3/2014)

AUGUST  (copyright 8/2018)

AUTUMN    (copyright 2013)

PREPARING TO MEET WINTER  (copyright 11/2018)

FIRST WINTER DAYS    (copyright 2012)

THE AWAKENING    (copyright 2016)

BIRDS OUTSIDE MY WINDOW   (copyright 4/2/2018)

Note:  The following poems are in current publication, and by contractual agreement, their content is reserved for that publication alone for one year.  At the conclusion of that time, the content of these poems will be posted on my author's website.  

RECEIVING AUTUMN  (published 7/2018 in SPIRALS)

SEASIDE (published 7/2018 in SPIRALS)