Alic​e M. Batzel 

Published Author, Playwright,

Journalist, Poet, Freelance Writer 


by Alice M. Batzel

Cooler temperatures awaken us in the morning,

The final blades of summer grass are dusted with morning frost,

Cold blowing rains speak of what is yet to come,

And intermittent snow showers gently fall to the ground.

Heavy coats and sweaters are taken out from our closets,

Fall harvest is over and tool sheds are bulging from the storage

of plow, tiller, weeder, tools galore,

And favorite seeds are carefully stored.

Hot chocolate soothes our shivers from the cold whistling winds,

Soups and stews are simmering on many home stoves,

A cobbler is bubbling with a fruit-filled buttery crust,

And homemade bread is baked in loaves.

A few lingering apples nestle on otherwise barren orchard branches,

A bird scavenges for seeds and winter berries outside my kitchen window,

A squirrel scampers for his or her final gathering before their long sleep,

All are saying in silent repose….WINTER IS HERE!

*copyright (2012) Alice M. Batzel