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By Alice M. Batzel

I come from a family of global travelers. When I was growing up, we traveled across the USA and beyond its borders as we followed my father on his various military assignments. We experienced monsoons, tornados, hurricanes, dust storms, lightning fury, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We swam in the ocean, waded in rivers, saw the petrified forest and the painted desert. We traveled by car, a military ship, and airplanes. We hiked in underground silver mines, bat-filled caves, and high mountain tops of primitive wood-carving villages.

I'm now a senior citizen. I still like to get out and see the world, meet people, and experience new things. But sometimes I travel the greatest distances to the most exciting places through the travel that can only be found between the pages of a book. This, too, was a journey that I saw my parents take. My parents were readers. Dad had a collection of paperback western novels that he enjoyed as well as a library of magazines and reference manuals for automotive maintenance/restoration; mother was a reader of periodicals, magazines, and the dictionary.

Dad and Mom have long passed away, but the world of discovery that they introduced us kids to continues to thrive. My sister lives by the ocean, and I live at the foot of a mountain range. My brother works in our Nation's capital, and he enjoys traveling in his vintage silver Airstream travel trailer. We continue the journey that our parents first began as we held their hand. And for me, of similar great importance is the journey that I will keep long after I can no longer get out in the world of discovery. That journey will continue beyond distances and all barriers whenever I open a book and read.

Take the journey every day that you can, and on days when you cannot, pick up a book and discover the journey as it can often best be found...between the pages of a good story!

(copyright 9/5/2018 - Alice M. Batzel - all rights reserved)

(photo source: (L) Facebook page of Katie Phillips Creative Services, Authentic Women Author Entrepreneurs)

(photo source: (R) Facebook page of Victorine Lieske, Clean Romance Author Promotion and Newsletter Swap.)

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