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TITLE:                      A WALK IN HEAVEN

AUTHOR:                MARIE HIGGINS

PUBLISHER:                       CreateSpace Independent Publishing Program

PUBLISHED DATE:            May 17, 2012

GENRE:                                Fiction, Christian, historical romance.

FORMAT:                              Paperback, 276 pages.

IDENTIFICATION:              ISBN-13: 978-1475222548

MY REVIEW:                4 Stars out of 5


                                          WILD WEST OF 1875 SOUTH DAKOTA”


        In the early hours of the morning, Careen becomes Matthew Grayson’s wife…and then in a blink of an eye, his widow. How can she tell the family she’s never met that her own cousin is responsible for their son’s death?

        While she waits for the right moment to admit the cousin’s guilt, a budding attraction grows between Careen and her new brother-in-law, Joshua. But this will only complicate matters, especially when the truth finally comes out.

        Joshua Grayson could never understand why his brother left the family ranch to wed—in secret—a woman he’d never met. And now Matthew is dead. Killed just moments after taking his wedding vows. Joshua struggles with both resentment and a growing attraction for his mysterious sister-in-law. He knows Careen is hiding something, but can he give love another chance or is he just setting up his heart for another break?


        This novel is my first read by Author Marie Higgins, and from this experience, I will be reaching for her books again. I was intrigued with the first sentence, dramatic action broke out before the end of the first page, and I was hooked by the end of the first chapter. Reading this book was very enjoyable and a "wild ride" in the Old West of 1875 South Dakota. Gunfire, brutal snowstorms, young love, tragic death, deep family ties, cattle drives, hidden secrets, and deception keep the story wheel churning.

        I extend applause to Author Marie Higgins for development of her solid cast of interesting characters, graphic portrayal of the settings, and multi-layered story crafting. This western novel is a clean/sweet romance with wholesome/Christian values that can appeal to an impressively sizeable reading audience who appreciates such. However, not to be missed is the presence of adventure and suspense throughout. The climactic ending was more complicated than I had anticipated, but it held my interest and provided a very satisfying conclusion. The story flowed well except for random editing issues scattered primarily about the last fourth of the book especially during climactic moments. However, the story is very intriguing and entertaining.


        I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK, and I'm inclined to read more novels written by Author Marie Higgins, especially those related to continuing the saga of the Grayson brothers.

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