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TITLE:          THE ATONEMENT,                                     Messages of Hope, Healing,                         and Happiness

AUTHOR:      (Compilation)

PUBLISHER:           Covenant Communications, Inc.

PUBLISHED:           March 2016

GENRE:                    Inspiration, religious.

FORMAT:                 Hardback, 112 pages.

IDENTIFICATION:  ISBN-13: 978-1-68047-940-9

MY REVIEW:            4 STARS OUT OF 5



        This book of inspiration is meant for a universal audience and is a compilation of quotations from numerous noteworthy individuals from various professions and life pursuits. Contributions included in this collection are from authors of American and British literature, modern political and revolutionary activism, religious scholarship and leadership, philanthropy, and American historical scholarship. Additional contributions of inspiration are from lyrics of hymns and children's songs, and selections from The Old Testament, The New Testament, and The Book of Mormon. Various stylistic typesets enhance the presentation of each quote, and each receives a full-page placement with an accompanying stunning photograph. Though this book is what one would consider being a "short read," it's artistic and thoughtful presentation invites the reader to spend time pondering and reflecting the depth of each message and appreciating each photograph. The time spent with this book provides the reader with many hours of enjoyment in quiet solitude.


        The various quotations in this book are quite impressive as is the excellent photography. The universal message it brings is that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is for all humanity and it has application to all aspects of the human experience. This sacred Atonement offers the affirmation of hope, healing, and happiness to people through an invitation to everyone to accept this divine gift. Readers will want to revisit the pages of this book often and receive continued inspiration and hope from the words and images.


        This book is artful and poetic in its presentation, and it would make a lovely gift for any individual, and a welcomed addition to any home or personal library. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with this inspiring book, and I'm pleased to give it a VERY HIGH RECOMMENDATION.

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