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TITLE:          The Twelve HATS of Christmas



2017 Gold Medal Winner - 

Moonbeam Children's Book Award.

PUBLISHER:                    Parson Publishing, LLC

PUBLISHED DATE:         Copyright 2016

GENRE:                             Fiction, children’s, illustrated.

FORMAT:                          Hardback, 41 pages, with full-color artistic illustrations on every page.

IDENTIFICATION:           ISBN: 978-0-9981217-0-3

MY REVIEW:                  5 Stars out of 5



Christmas Eve falls on a Magical Night,

Santa's birthday, in fact, right before he takes flight!

This book holds many secrets about the North Pole,

Like why an elf without a hat looks rather quite droll.

And especially why Santa does what he does,

There's a reason, of course, and not just because.

And it's here that a hat elf learns to believe,

Why it's really much better to give than receive.


        This year my holiday was made merry and bright, thanks to The Twelve HATS of Christmas! The artwork on the cover was an immediate delightful invitation with its whimsical and cheerful portrayal of perhaps the most loveable Christmas Elf ever. The fact that he's a Hat Elf (creator of hats) was so unique that I opened the book straightaway.

        Join Thaddeus Willard Elf, lovingly referred to as Hat Elf ‘TW', on his journey to attend Santa's Big Winter Ball. What's sure to be the party of the Christmas season requires TW to travel, and traveling away he goes taking a birthday present for Santa. But as the reader learns what TW learns along the way, "it's better to give than to receive," the real gift of the season comes to light. TW's hats are a treasure indeed, becoming all they were meant to be.

        Every reader, young and old, will find each page entertaining as the story unfolds. The illustrations are colorfully painted with particular emphasis on Christmas red and green, and richly portray jolly fun and yummy treats of Christmas, elf life at the North Pole, and the artistic holiday hat creations from TW's collection of favorites.


         I am pleased to give a HIGH RECOMMENDATION to this beautifully illustrated children's book which both entertains and touches the heart. It's sure to be a cherished Christmas holiday gift and a favorite of every recipient. It's easy to see that this book deserves applause for having the distinguished honor of being the 2017 Gold Medal Winner - Moonbeam Children's Book Award.

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