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TITLE:                     SNOWFALL ON HAVEN POINT


PUBLISHER:                      Harlequin Books


RELEASE DATE:               2016

GENRE:                               Fiction, romance.

FORMAT:                            Paperback, 376 pages.

IDENTIFICATION:             ISBN-13: 978-0-373-78989-4

MY REVIEW:             5 Stars out of 5





       Andrea Montgomery lost her police officer husband in a work-related fatality, and after that was taken advantage of by a fellow law-enforcement officer who acted like he was watching out for the best interest of her and her children. After barely surviving those life-changing events, she establishes residence in Haven Point with her two elementary-school-aged children, hoping for a fresh start and the healing they all need. Andie agrees to do a favor for her friend and neighbor but somehow watching over her friend’s grouchy bachelor brother while he recuperates from injuries sustained in a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident isn’t what she wanted to do just before Christmas. The fact that he’s the Sheriff complicates her compassionate favor even more. Andie wonders how a man can be so proud and stubborn when he’s in such need of assistance, and at times he seems to be the most disagreeable and impatient patient. Throw a winter blizzard into the mix, along with trying to figure out who was responsible for the hit-and-run accident, and trying to introduce a little holiday cheer into the home of grouchy Sheriff Marshall Bailey, a.k.a. “the bear’s den,” and you’ve got quite an interesting read. Add in Andie’s two children, some surprising secrets about the Sheriff’s earlier private life, as well as emotional developments between Andie and Marshall, and the cold winter in Haven Point is sure to warm up any reader.


       Author RaeAnne Thayne creates a very picturesque geographic setting and inviting community of Haven Point for several of her novels, and SNOWFALL ON HAVEN POINT is one of the very best in her series. Her characters are well-developed, and the story is inviting and rich with intrigue and mystery. The author captures the attention and heart of the reader and skillfully interweaves mystery and emotional conflict throughout the pages. Likewise, the author masterfully creates interpersonal relationships in this novel. The overall story is very satisfying and brings healing of the heart for many of the story’s characters, and hope for the future. I read this novel during my cold, snowy 2016-2017 Utah winter and felt very cozy and comfortable between the pages of this book, actually not wanting to put it down, and consider it to be one of my favorite reads of this winter season.     I am very happy to recommend this book.

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