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By Alice M. Batzel

Publisher: Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.

Englewood, Colorado

CAST: 14M, 8F, PLUS EXTRAS (flexible)



You’ll love this witty western whodunit! The sheriff of Box Elder has just been shot, allegedly by gunslinger Lucifer Lefty, who now claims to be the fastest gun in the Utah Territory. (He also happens to be the smelliest and has the worst halitosis in the West!) Gunslinger Snot Nose Kid, who keeps a hanky pinned to his shirt due to allergies, is quick to challenge Lucifer Lefty to defend his claim to fame. The rest of the town is just as entertaining as these two oddballs — Deputy Do Right, Deputy Do Little, Otis McBelch (the town drunk who gets intoxicated by sarsaparilla due to a rare digestive disorder), and Miss Priss and Miss Prudence of the Temperance Society, to name a few! Just after Miss Samantha (the prettiest dance-hall girl in Box Elder) leaves town to find a new sheriff, the mysterious, bushy-moustached Sheriff Purdee arrives to fill the vacant position. But this only makes the situation hairier, considering Snot Nose Kid despises facial hair, having suffered the embarrassment of a father who was a bald barber and a mother who had a full beard! Do your funny bone a favor and find out for yourselfWho Shot the Sheriff? — perfect for dinner theatre or any high school, college or community theatre event.

For performance contracts, script sales, electronic script sample, etc. use this link: 

Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.

P.O. Box 4267

Englewood, CO 80155-4267

Ph. 800-333-7262

Fax. 303-779-4315

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