Alice M. Batzel
Published Playwright, Journalist, Freelance Writer 

               Alice M. Batzel  

        Published  Playwright, Journalist

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By:  Alice M. Batzel

          I would have to agree with Albert Einstein’s statement, “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” When my sister and I were "of age" to get "the talk" from our Mother, she sent us to the library and told us to go to the main desk and ask for the Librarian. We were instructed to tell her that our Mother thought the Librarian had more knowledge than her on "the mysteries of life," and could she please point to some books for us to read. I was in the sixth grade and my sister was in the fifth. I was 13 months older than my sister, so I was designated to be the spokesperson. Little did we realize, our world of knowledge was about to be dramatically changed forever.

          When I told the Librarian that our Mother had sent us and why she stared at us for a moment, then she went into action. I’m not sure if she had ever encountered this situation before, but it was obvious that our Mother was right because the Librarian knew exactly what to do. She took us to an aisle and pointed to a row of books, selected a couple of books and handed them to us. She then escorted us to a table positioned next to her desk. We were told to sit there and read. I told her that our Mother also said that if we had any questions about what we read, we were supposed to ask the Librarian because she was the “expert of knowledge.” She stared at us again for a moment, then said she would try to answer our questions, but if she didn’t have the answers she would have to refer us to our Mother. My sister and I quietly read the books.

          Afterward, let's just say, we had NO QUESTIONS for the Librarian or our Mother. As my sister and I walked home, we didn't even talk to each other. We were stunned by that trip to the Library. Now that I'm a Grandmother, remembering this experience brings a smile and a laugh to me. But there actually is a moral to this story...GOD BLESS LIBRARIANS and GOD BLESS MOTHERS WHO KNOW WHERE TO GET ANSWERS.

(copyright 2016 - Alice M. Batzel - all rights reserved)