Alice M. Batzel
Published Playwright, Journalist, Freelance Writer 

               Alice M. Batzel  

        Published  Playwright, Journalist

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NOTE:  All published works shown on this page are under

copyright with the Library of Congress.

STAGE PLAY                       Who Shot The Sheriff?

                                                          Current Publisher, Second Acquisition: 

                                                          Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.     

                                                          Englewood, CO   (2007)



                                                          Who Shot The Sheriff?  A Legend of Utah Territory

                                                          Original Publisher:  Encore Performance Publishing  

                                                          Orem, UT   (1997)


                                             The H.I.M. Professional's Role On The Ethics Committee

                                                          Publisher:  JAHIMA (Journal of the American Health

                                                          Information Management Association),  Vol. 67, No. 10,

                                                          Chicago, IL   (Nov./Dec.  1996)  


                                                           The H.I.M Gold Mine - Your Current Staff

                                                           Publisher:  JAHIMA (Journal of the American Health

                                                           Information Management Association), Vol. 64, No. 7,

                                                           Chicago, IL  (July 1993)



NEWSPAPER                   Do Something To Help Someone Else

                                                           Guest/Contributing Writer

                                                           Publisher:   Deseret News, Church News

                                                           Salt Lake City, UT  (May 2, 2009)



                                                           Dr. J. Gordon Felt, Physician "Made A Difference"

                                                           For Many  Throughout His Lifetime

                                                           Guest/Contributing Writer

                                                           Publisher:   Box Elder News and Journal

                                                           Brigham City, UT  (May 14, 1995)