Alice M. Batzel
Published Playwright, Journalist, Freelance Writer 

               Alice M. Batzel  

        Published  Playwright, Journalist

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.. Fellow writers, reading enthusiasts, friends, acquaintances, 

and all who love a good story whether on the page, film, or stage!

 *  I  hope you'll enjoy my website, get to know me, my work, and enjoy sharing our time together as I navigate the world of writing, reading, poetry, all things pertaining to the human experience and imagination through storytelling. 

 * Join me in advocacy for literacy through life-long reading and writing. 

* Join me in advocacy for excellence in storytelling in all forms of media which seek to invite and inspire the human spirit.

 * Please check out my various website pages, and THANKS for visiting!


Keep taking the Journey.......Keep Reading, and Keep Writing!

Alice M. Batzel

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Performance contracts for my western comedy/mystery stage production,  

Who Shot The Sheriff?  can be obtained from the Publisher

Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.

P.O. Box 4267

Englewood, CO   80155-4267

Ph.  800-333-7262

Fax.  303-779-4315


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